You don’t know what to do with SOUL? Your tokens are worthless and it’s too late to fix the loss? Perhaps we have found a better way out of this situation: spend SOUL in a decentralized game Nachomen from the Phantasma team, and maybe win someone else’s SOUL, is it a way out of the drawdown? If the tokens fell 9 times, why not just win 9 times more SOUL? 😀

You can’t influence the market conditions, but the character in the game is controlled by you. However, we can say that one way or another you contribute to the development of the SOUL token by playing products of Phantasma. Mass adoption is our true goal!

We have decided to test whether it is possible to play Nachomen, wondering whether to play and whether you can earn. At least SOULs …


To our great regret, the game is still in the Closed Beta state and we had opportunity to test the game only in the week of open beta test. In order to download the game you need to register on the Nachomen website, get a NEO wallet in the test network, download one of 4 clients: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux.

For Windows it is enough to unpack the downloaded archive with the game and run the EXE file. When you enter the game NachoMen request a private key (from an email), and, voila, you can play.

Login screen - Nachomen
Login screen

Perhaps this is one of the main differences and advantages of NachoMen over other decentralized games – Nachomen is an application without the prefix web, which opens up much more opportunities. For example, more beautiful graphics can be made, although Nachomen this advantage unfortunately does not use.

Graphics in the style of your favorite console from the 90’s with its Mexico styling, in which there is no completeness or flair. But, in the end, graphics is not the main thing in decentralized applications, although we are ready to argue that the terrible cryptokitty is not to sell.


Nachomen is a game about fighters under the “funny” howls of Mexicans with guitars (music because of its looping begins to enrage for the third time, but it can not be disabled: the corresponding setting simply does not work). This game reminds existed in the era of early development of browser fighting games, like “Fight Club”. By the way, it was a very popular game, of course, it is outdated, but perhaps the blockchain can give it a second short, but bright life?

First of all, of course, we need to resolve the staffing issue. Fighters in Nachomen are called Luchadores and sold on the market. It would seem the chance to spend our blood SOUL, but do not forget that Nachomen is in the test network right now. So SOUL, and any other tokens from your wallet to the game’s wallet transfering is PROHIBITED. The Developers took care of the players and added 500 test SOUL to the game wallet.

Luchadores market - Nachomen
Luchadores market

Let’s take a look at the candidates available in the market. Fighters are offered at a price of 28 SOUL ($0.84 at the exchange rate at the time of this writing). Stats are level, attack power, defensive power, stamina, and rarity. I wanted to buy the cheapest option (clone – they’re really not much different) of Luchadores – SMILEY, but alas, the Nachomen market in the Windows app has been booted for me only twice and hesitation prevented me from making a purchase.

Luckily, in my locker room I found a jock, which looked just like the 28 SOULS I was willing to spend. I should notice that when i have logged into the game from another computer, the Jock not say disappeared, but much has changed in the face and characteristics. This is weird!


Well, we have the fighter, but unfortunately I have failed to buy items too (+1 bug in the piggy bank, is it time to bury the game?). It remains only to go into battle, but first, of course, you need to practice. And in Nachomen there are two ways to do it: one for a fighter, the second for a player.

The first is boring. As expected the aggressive man, professionally engaged in the massacre, can be trained in the gym. The process of pumping can’t be called interactive – you need to choose one of the three main skills for pumping and wait.

Luchadores gym - Nachomen
Luchadores gym

It should take at least an hour before you can get luchadore out from a bench press, so you can safely cook dinner or fight representatives of the bench. Luchadore spends red hot chili peppers (MOJ) on retreatments, only when eat some in him is waking up ferocious force, permitting the constantly raise weight and to train all harsher. Peppers recover themselves over time.

Battle technique

To understand what it is like to fight, go to practice to beat a wooden blockhead. When the battle starts we need to choose one of four actions (of those owned by our warrior) to attack, defense or counter attack.

My Luchadore - Nachomen
My Luchadore

In the game there are several types of actions. A fighter has four types of actions, in my case they are:

  1. Chop (up arrow on a keyboard) – direct punch to face.
  2. Counter (left arrow) – reflection of a strong punch. If the strike is weak (Chop), the counter will not work.
  3. Smash – hard hit
  4. Boomerang – crushing blow, can be applied only if your fighter almost knocked out (K. O.)

The decision should be made in 60 seconds, after which, if both opponents are “alive”, the next round is announced. Fights are simple, but fit well into the realities of decentralized games, and if the blockchain is quite fast (one block per minute is enough), then game can be played.

There is a fear that the actions of the enemy can be tracked in the blockchain within 60 second window, if he sends his action before you. The test took place in a closed network deployed by the Phantasma team, so there was no way to verify my assumption.


Competitive fights is the most interesting part Nachomen. This is where you can earn SOUL fighting with other players.

Competition lobby - Nachomen
Competition lobby

However, all our tests of the competitive game soon failed:

  • it is impossible to find a partner except a wooden doll;
  • we also failed to play Together, Nachomen refused to work on another computer.


At this stage, we can only say that the Phantasma team continues to prove its lack of seriousness, although it is the time to talk about insolvency. The game is so raw that it is puzzling how it could win some serious competition (Nachomen took first place in the NEO Dev Competition in early April 2018), then has been developed for another 4 months and still be unusable.

Gameplay inherent in Nachomen, perhaps, has the right to exist, in the end to fight and get paid for it is much more interesting than just collecting a set of pixels of different colors. But check it now is not possible.

Beta-test is currently closed and the patient is more dead, than alive.

After Nachomen, we have ceased to be surprised that the price of the SOUL token breaks another bottom…

It is hoped that the team will still gather and do what others do without any ICO and HYIP. Nachomen should become the title dap on the Phathasma Chain being developed and the team has no other options how to finish it or the platform will be consigned to oblivion.

Final grade: SHIT

  • Genre: fighting
  • Web-site:
  • Blockchain: NEO
  • Currency: SOUL SELL
  • Smart-contract(s): unknow