Crypto Games Conference was held on 17th October in Minsk, Belarus. There was a lot of speakers and participants from different countries. Gaming Chain chief editor visited this meetup and have his opinion. Which problems does crypto games industry have?

No Country for Gamers

The conference was opened by Dope Raider crypto game and POA Network blockchain. On the main stage, Darragh O’Flanagan and Igor Barinov introduced the game process.    

They made a show!

Probably,  Igor Barinov is the most devoted fan of Dope Raider (game review). He was in the driving seat during whole presentation. Definitely, he was getting fun playing the crypto game. At some point, he was excited enough to buy a character for 7500 POA (around $750). It is the most expensive Narco to the date. 

“Give me my laptop, now!” – was my mind. 

“I want to raid Igor at all cost!”. As a gamer i was getting fun.

This is how it should be at a game conference. But, in fact, other speeches at the conference was not so fun. At least, there were a lot of cosplay girls, so the conference host tried its best to do it in the right way.

However, an audience of the main stage did not like the show. A lot of people left the room. They probably were at the conference for motivation, technologies, and partnerships.

Gamers want something different from the industry. But there were almost no gamers at the meetup. Probably the only players I met at the conference were volunteers. Later, Igor Barinov will say about participants of Crypto Games Conference “sellers sell to sellers”.

Unfortunately, it is not only the conference problem. Whole industry feels lack of true gamers.

The main question of the conference: how to attract gamers from classic video games? They don’t know much about blockchain technology and don’t understand what crypto games are, what advantages they have over they loved Heartstone.

For now, the industry in an empty room. We have great technologies and games, but no one plays them.

P.S. After the speech Gaming Chain took an interview with DopeRaider CTO Darragh O’Flanagan

USD vs Gwei

After Dope Raider presentation Igor Barinov announced POA xDAI Chainthe first smart-contract platform with native token pegged to USD. It uses a mathematical algorithm to stabilize the exchange rate. A similar algorithm applies for special drawing rights, that are used by IMF, and for NEO stable-coin – Alchemint.

POA xDai Chain is made in collaboration with Maker DAO

What advantages does it give? No volatility. Players can predict how much they will spend tomorrow and one year later. Additionally, when a platform uses a USD-based coin, customers don’t have to know what is cryptocurrency at all. They can just deposit USD to accounts balance as they already do it on dozens of websites.

The main advantage of POA xDai Chain for game developers is that they don’t need to change their games much. xDai is fully compilable with EVM and has a bridge between the Ethereum network, which was successfully tested on POA Network mainnet.

On the second day of the conference POA xDAI Chain announced a parthership with Maker Dao – a stable coin from top 30 cryptocurrencies.

POA xDAI Chain was the only revolution of Crypto Games Conference. Unnoticed, however. Other relatively new platforms that can negate Ethereum problems like Ethereum Zero had no big attention too.

Despite the obvious advantages of these blockchains over Ethereum mainnet, developers don’t use them. They just continue to complain about high fees and network capacity. A blindness to ready solutions for this problems was the main mystery of Crypto Games Conference.

Though the audience of crypto games is really small and developers are not ready for a risk to repel a part of it that don’t know anything other than Bitcoin and Ethereum. It isn’t ready for something new.

But there are few exceptions. Like crypto games studio 482.Solutions, which is developing a collectible card games HolyChain. The studio 
already uses NEM blockchain and plans to use EOS as an experiment to create an analog of ERC-721 tokens.

HolyChain has a demo version of gameplay, but a beta version will be ready only on Q3 2019.

Not about gameplay

On the second day of the conference, Exoplanets Co-Founder had his time. He didn’t speak much about the game. The main topic was axioms, that have been forgotten by most of the crypto games developers.  

A video game, first of all, must have:

  • Interesting, exciting and competitive gameplay;
  • A lore, setting, history to tell a player;
  • An interesting and complex system of a player progress.

It’s not about game graphics. Yes, for now, visual effects of crypto games are far from perfect and the accusations of this, which can often be heard, are quite fair. But, in fact, there are a lot of classic video games which popularity doesn’t relate to graphics.

Players need entertaining gameplay, they should feel a heat when they overcome enemies and competitors. So it is funny to watch how most of the developers forget about that. 

Amount of cats, dragons and other ”cute’ characters in the industry and at the conference is disgustingly high! Seems that teams just copy each other and have nothing to do with real gameplay.

A collectible game that is no more fun than Tamagotchi with one-click “fights” and “quests” is the trend. The winner in the main nomination of the conference is also indicative: Blockchain Cuties.

The success of CryptoKitties probably will not be achieved by anyone. In December 2017 there was the big hype and people invested their money in everything that the crypto market had. 

Now the situation is different. And statistics prove it. Record daily volume of Blockchain Cuties is 28 Ethereum, but the current volume is tiny: 0.42 ETH according to Dapp Radar

Is this the end?

Of course, not!  Everything is definitely good at gambling. The blockchain technology application is obvious and it easily satisfies the needs of gambling games. Gambling games are turn-based and you don’t need hundreds of transaction per second for them. This can’t be said about video games, where APM of a player can reach huge numbers.

But Gaming Chain is not about gambling, we are here to talk about crypto video games. So we leave opportunities for gambling behind the scene.

In addition to Dope Raider, I liked two more projects that were widely presented at the conference: the already mentioned Exoplanets and Worldopo. And there are a lot of games that unfortunately was not at the conference. 


Few panel discussions were at the conference and we have prepared short notes on industry leaders thoughts:

  • crypto games infrastructure is still not ready;
  • legislative uncertainty hinders the development of the industry;
  • it is difficult to attract a mass player especially when the crypto market falls;
  • gameplay should be off-chain;
  • trust and “real” ownership of game objects are the main advantages of blockchain games;
  • we need a common ecosystem for all top crypto games;

Besides, crypto games investment attractiveness was discussed. On the one hand, such projects have a very low percentage of scams. On the other hand, experts come to the conclusion that the venture model still works better.

Hopes are pinned on a new method of carrying out an initial coin offering – DaICO, but the drawback of this approach is that developers will have to care more about investors mood than the product. This can be destructive.

The winners

At the end of Crypto Games Conference the winners in several nominations were chosen:

  • Best game service – Dapp Radar. 
  • Waves Platform as a sponsor of Crypto Games Conference held their special nomination for crypto games on Waves. The winner is Blockchain Wars. Waves team at the conference clearly showed that crypto games one of the main priority.
  • Crypto Games Conference Choice is Age of Chains. Yes, the team is very good at arts, but, for now, Age of Chains can’t be called a game. So 2 other nominees (Warfield and Exoplanets) deserve the win too.   
  • The title of the best crypto game went to Blockchain Cuties. Meh


P.S. The editorial board of Gaming Chain expresses gratitude to Crypto Games Conference for the perfect organization of the event!