Let us make it clear from the beginning: we don’t think that Hearthstone will be killed by GU. Our goal is to find the advantages and disadvantages of Gods Unchained over Hearthstone in this article. Let’s start!

First, why we will compare this two games? Gods Unchained and Hearthstone are both collectible card games, both games are set in a fantasy world, they have a lot of similar mechanics and even cards. And here lies the risk that the Gods Unchained undeservedly accused of plagiarism. But, of course, Gods Unchained is much more than just Hearthstone on crypto.

Trading Card Game

Previously we said that GU and HS are collectible card games. CCG are also called trading card games (TCG). But Hearthstone cannot be called a TCG really.

Trading means that you can gift or sell your cards. HS has not this function. You can only disenchant a card for a dust if you don’t need it. Truly cards in HS are not yours as it in a TCG, for example, Magic: The Gathering.

A card in Gods Unchained are 100% owned by you like a printed one. No one can take them from you, you can sell them or gift to anybody. This is one of the main advantages of Gods Unchained over Hearthstone.  

While in Hearthstone you always spend more dust to create a card, than receive from disenchanting, in Gods Unchained you will be able to sell a card even more expensive than you bought it. Of course, this will not happen always, but if you smart enough and the card is good this  will happen quite often.

Variety of meta

According to digital nature of the cards in Hearthstone, considering that cards are Hearthstone owned by Blizzard and can be printed in any specific amount in any given time, every player in the game has an ability to copy a deck of an opponent if he has enough money or time.

We bring the situation to the point of absurdity: every player in HS can play the same deck. So there is around top 10 decks in the meta starting from 5 lvl of Hearthstone rank mode. You know exactly each card in the deck of an opponent in most cases. Even tech choices are rare.

The situation is different for Gods Unchained. For example, on the presale you can buy a limited quantity of packs (up to 15M$) with the genesis set which will not be printed anymore, never. There are about ONLY 700 copies of each legendary card from the genesis set right now. Imagine if Dr. Boom has existed only in 700 copies will it be in all decks around the ladder? Of course, not.

Dick Puddlecote is like Azalina in HS. And there are only 661 copies of this card.

Considering this, we think that Gods Unchained meta will be much more variety than it is in Hearthstone. This is the second big advantage of GU over HS!

Most players in Hearthstone don’t build their decks, because they can easily do the most optimal ones. GU will demand more deck-building skills. At least players will have to find right replace to cards that they don’t have. And they are really hard to get it.

But for that reason there are two big risks.


First risk.

The cost of a pack in Gods Unchained (2.4$) does not much differ from HS. And you can choose to pay more for a legendary pack and get a guaranteed legendary card instead of a rare one.

Gods Unchained Buy packs

There will be basic cards in Gods Unchained. But unfortunately no gold or dust as a reward for daily quests. For new players it will be the strongest obstacle. In HS you can play without putting any money, of course, it will be still hard and you need to spend a lot of time on the arena to have at least 3 top decks of the meta.

But that is not all. Gods Unchained because of card rarity can be much more expensive in terms of getting good cards. Hearthstone demands fixed amount of dust for any card which can be crafted in any time.


The second risk.

As many players can do the same deck in Hearthstone, this game is more about skill than about big wallet of a player. To win mirror match your skill is much more matter than going up against weaker deck.

And believe me, you will miss the Luckstone, when you meet Richstone. Anyway, skill will matter in Gods Unchained too. But unfortunately, it is hard to compete on the top level without a strong collection of the cards.

Additionally Gods Unchained has completely unique cards, that exist in a small amount or even in one copy. For example, “Hyperion” which was sold for $30k! But we should say that this card is not overpowered, indeed players will,  
basically, play the same deck with crazy 10-10 creatures for 1 mana.


In all games a balance is a cornerstone. If a balance is bad then a game will lose players fast. First of all, players want a fair and competitive game.

Maybe, a balance is even more important for collectible cards games. Blizzard has split the ranked mode so old card can’t be played on the main tournaments. And they do the nerfs for some cards that ruin the meta. You know, it takes time from team do it even if candidates for nefs are obvious.

As GU cards are the ERC-721 tokens which is owned by players and can’t be changed there is a question about balance in the game. How the team will do it? For this reason, fresh cards of new set will not be tradable for a month. And the team should make all balance changes to cards until the time will go off. Will be a month enough? In most cases yes. Until someone will not discover a secret deck where one card will shine so bright that it will be an S-Tier deck.

Anyway, MTG still has this problem. This is why most tournaments do not allow you to play some cards or sets. But you can still use them. We think Gods Unchained will go the same route sooner or later.

Battle Royale

Hearthstone has the Arena mode, Gods Unchained offers an interesting mode which called Battle Royale

A Royale starts with many players choosing fifteen cards for their deck, from their collection, the free to play rotation, and a random selection of cards. The winner of each match gets to loot a few cards from the opponent’s deck for the rest of the royale.

As you progress to the round of 16 and 8, more twists and turns await. You’ll need to augment your hand with additional skills, so think carefully about your choices. This continues until only one player remains. Prizes are awarded based on how far you made it, even a top 8 finish can be impressive. Every account will get one free entry into a Royale every day.

Limited Battle Royale demands from player 15 cards still so this mode will not be so noobs friendly as the arena in Hearthstone where you can play without any card in your collection.


Let’s talk more about things that can be seemed the same, but in fact, Gods Unchained made some important improvements across the game mechanics.

First of all, Heroes. 

Heartstone has 9 classes from Warcraft while “Gods” has 6:

  • Light (Paladin)
  • Death (Warlock)
  • War (Warrior)
  • Nature (Druid)
  • Magic (Mage)
  • Deception (weird Priest)

Like in Hearthstone every GU class has its main playstyle, which is described on the website. For example, magic play style is based on random effects. Which are so liked by Ben Brode. HA-HA-HA!

The lack of classes compared to Hearthstone is compensated by the variability of the hero’s powers that the players can use with the class. Every class has 5 unique hero powers which you can choose when creating a deck.

Death class hero powers
Death class hero powers

This will make a huge difference in a deck building process and will make the gaming experience more amazing.

Key words

Gods Unchained has almost all HS key words, but offers players
slight changes to some of them and some unique ones.

Twin-strike is like windfurry, but the second attack can’t target Gods.

Flank allows your creature to pass through Frontline (Taunt) creatures.

Burn is a drawback means that your creature dies every turn.

Soulless means that creature after death won’t be placed in a void.

The void is one of the coolest innovation of Gods Unchained.


Basically, all died creatures in HS are the in some kind of pool. When you play cards like N’Zoth, creatures with a death rattle are summoned from this pool. Gods Unchained moved further: they have named it the void and made a key word that prevents creature getting in the “dead pool” so you will never have an ability to summon it.

This prevents you from constantly getting back strong creatures. When it dies, it dies forever.

Who is better?

In fact, no one is. Hearthstone is a great game. Don’t forget, it is the game by Blizzard! Which has a lot of fans and several mind-blowing and detailed worlds with its Lore.

But Gods Unchained has all the chances to be one of the best CCG in the world. For sure it will be the best game, which uses the blockchain technology if GU team brings us what they declare.

Professional MTG players think that Hearthstone is a “casual game”. Gods Unchained has the potential to be more elite one, not for every player, but for the most experienced ones.

Let us know in the comments what you think about Gods Unchained. Have you played Hearthstone? Why GU is different?


gods unchained
  • Final grade: Legendary
  • Genre: Collectible card game
  • Web-site: godsunchained.com
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Currency: ETH
  • Developers: Fuel Games
  • Smart-contract(s):
    • 0x0777F76D195795268388789343068e4fCd286919 (Rare packs, the genesis set)
    • 0x482Cf6A9d6b23452C81d4D0f0f139C1414963f89 (Epic packs, the genesis set)