• Final grade: Rare
  • Genre: Collectibles
  • Web-site:
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Currency: ETH
  • Developers:
  • Smart-contract(s):
    • 0xb1690c08e213a35ed9bab7b318de14420fb57d8c (SaleClockAuction)
    • 0xc7af99fe5513eb6710e6d5f44f9989da40f27f26 (SiringClockAuction)
    • 0x06012c8cf97bead5deae237070f9587f8e7a266d (KittyCore)

CryptoKitties is an uncomplicated game, the whole essence of which is reduced to collecting kittens and their breeding. As a result a new cryptokitty with unique characteristics/appearance is created. There a huge number of combinations, which guarantees the uniqueness of each kitty.