• Final grade: not Rated
  • Genre: Collectibles
  • Web-site: 0xuniverse.com
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Currency: ETH
  • Developers: 0xGames
  • Smart-contract(s):
    • 0x06a6a7af298129e3a2ab396c9c06f91d3c54aba8 (Planets)
    • 0xe73480759efb6731d133b382ab8df02774e3a265 (Spaceships)
    • 0xe658e6eb4b478da2cf36d9e3712ba0c1b33786a1 (Auction v2)
    • 0xe73480759efb6731d133b382ab8df02774e3a265 (Old Auction)
    • 0x28fbe46D43ae10F0aFe84e393368b891A3dE98ea (Treasury)
    • 0xa36a81e47d032cb5608175cf884d079ff7b2fb42 (United Earth Government)

0xUniverse is a crypto game in which players explore space. To start space exploration, a player must purchase a planet. The planet generates a certain amount of resources, it is inhabited by people. To discover new planets player must build a spaceship, spending resources, and send it to one of the sectors of space. If the expedition is successful, the player will have a new planet at his disposal and will be able to sell it on the open market.