Crypto games are a completely new dimension of the game, a phenomenon so new that mass players can not yet come to this environment. Because they do not know what it is and how to use it.

In this article we will reveal what blockchain games are, where to find them and how to play them.

What are crypto games?

A game, which uses blockchain technology in its economy or the mechanics.

What does it give a player compared to regular games?

  • Absolute, inalienable rights of a player to characters and items purchased or obtained in-game.
  • The ability to trade or sell characters and items for cryptocurrency without intermediaries or on the open market.
  • Transparent gameplay. A player can check the execution of the program code. As for his actions, and for the actions of other players.

What is the uniqueness of the gameplay of the crypto games?

Blockchain technology allows to organize a self-sufficient economy, controlled only by non-modifiable program code (but not by developers).

Thus, good players get the opportunity to earn real money on a game. And it’s not a casino. Here you need brains, a skill and a bit fortune.

Where you can find crypto games?

You’ve already found them. All worthy instances can be found at the Gaming Chain.

The direction is rapidly gaining momentum and the market has a lot of offers, but you need to choose very carefully. All games on the blockchain are paid, so you can not play everything.

If you have a passion for exploration, the full list of available games can be found at State of Dapps and DappRadar.

What is necessary for the games?

Most crypto games work with the first blockchain of the second generation – Ethereum. Therefore, two things are enough for the game:

  1.   Browser plugin Metamask 
  2.   Crypto currency ETH

You need to install plugin Metamask for your browser. After installation, you must click on the plugin icon – fox.

Meta mask
ANNOUNCEMENT: a new version of MetaMask

Agree to use the new version.

Set a password. Your password must be at least 8 characters long.

Skip the next step and agree to the terms of use. It is necessary to scroll through the terms to the end before you have the opportunity to agree to them.

Agree with all further conditions.


A sequence of 12 words will be generated for your wallet. Word order is very important! You should write these words on a piece of paper and download a backup file.

This sequence – the seed phrase – can be used to recover the wallet on the Ethereum network. Your computer can burn, but if you saved 12 words, you can easily restore the wallet anywhere in the world from any computer or mobile phone!

The password that we specified at the beginning is the password to access the local metamask plugin, even if you install metamask on your second browser, you will not be able to use the password to access the same wallet. Only the seed phrase will save you from losing your wallet with all the funds on it!

Next, Metamask will ask you to prove that you remember the phrase. You will need to click on the words in the order in which they occur in your phrase.

If you have correctly specified the secret backup phrase, a Metamask account will be successfully created and the plugin will offer you to top up your wallet in three ways:

  1. From another Ethereum wallet
  2. Coinbase (bank cards or bank accounts, but unfortunately not all countries are served. Ideal for residents of the USA)
  3. Shapeshift (only if you have another cryptocurrency, for example, bitcoin)

To find out a address of your wallet, click on the “Details” button. A pop-up window will show you the QR code of the address and the address itself. All deposits of ETH cryptocurrency must be made to this address.

You can also track all transactions with your account by clicking on the link “View account on Etherscan”.

How to play?

The hard part is over. In order to play, you need to go to the game site and click “play”. That is all. The only difference from the usual games at this stage will be that sometimes you will be asked to confirm the action (including payment) through the Metamask plugin.

For example, if you want to purchase a packs in Gods Uchained, on the metamask plugin icon a number, which will indicate the amount of transactions, be will displayed, or a window pop up will apear. There will be shown transaction, fee and total amount to be paid. After you confirm the action and the transaction is completed (takes from a few seconds to an hour), you will be able to open the pack and get new cards.

That’s all. Now the main trick is the gameplay of a particular game. On the Gaming Chain website, we try to track the best crypto games and talk about them in analytical articles, disclose strategies and secrets of earning on blockchain games. Ultimately, which of the gamers did not dream to make money on what he likes the most?

Come with us on this amazing journey through a new universe called crypto games!

And, finally, a video guide how to buy and open packs in a wonderful game Gods Unchained. Dedicated to Hearthstone fans.

Please, let us know in comments if you need help and have questions about crypto games.