17-18 October in Minsk was Crypto Games Conference. A lot of people came there to rise up crypto games industry. Soon we will tell our opinion on this event.

After the first speech on the main stage, I was fortunate enough to raid Darragh O’Flanagan – CTO of DopeRaider.

Darragh o'flanagan

I have succeeded, but there was no dope on him… After all, I need something to get from Darragh. So I’ve made him talk. Maybe I can learn something important about Dope Raider, while others Narcos in the area don’t know it still.

I am pissed off about bots. What can you say?

This is the question. But we can’t do much about it. Yes, bots are in the game. But we don’t see a lot of harm from their actions.

Of course, they do something and maybe even getting profit. But they don’t influence in-game economics much. It is easy to track them and when you get what they do, you can cheat them easily.

I think, when DopeRaider will be popular bots won’t succeed. I mean bots can’t know what people want to do in the next moment. Even if they have an opportunity to make fast decisions and actions, digital “player” will lose to unpredictable actions from other players. It is like a trading on an exchange. You don’t complain about trading bots, right?

Reasonable. By the way, how do you call DopeRaider team?

Darragh O'Flagan, David Erikson - Dope Raider

We are Gas Masters. We have worked on DopeRaider for almost a year.

This is David Eriksson. He is our UX/UI designer. We have a lot of bright minds, for example, Stefan S. He is graduated for economic science. And the economy of the game is great, right?

We have balanced it for a long time. After all, all parties should benefit from DopeRaider economy: developers, players and collectors.

And what about new players?

Unfortunately, it is hard to attract new players. And while they are new it is hard for them to play without losing money.

This is why we have decided to make new districts where only new players can be. So they won’t suffer from experienced players. At least will not compete with strong Narcos.

After some progress they will be shifted to current districts. So they can to do a mess on VICE ISLAND streets until officer Lardass will catch them.

I should say that our players are loyal. There is no return ticket from the Mafia, right? For example, we have one player that has made a big collection of Narcos. He changed their identities so his Narcos are like famous people.

Wow! And what the players want you to do next?

Gas Masters
DopeRaider is brought to you by Gas Masters

We have asked them about it. And do you know what? They want more collectibles! One guy asked us to do a crypto kitty, that is sitting near Narco legs if a player has a crypto kitty on a wallet.

And the second popular choice is gambling. Players want us to do something that they can put their money to and receive a prize if fortune will be on their side.

Here are a lot of collectibles and gambling games at the conference too. Seems to be a madness. When you will do a mobile version of DopeRaider?

It is working already!

(Darragh gets his mobile from a pocket)

So, you just open a browser and play with help of Portis. But, of course, it is not well looking on some mobile phones.

You know, it is hard to be on Google Play or App Store. They are afraid to work with crypto, but if they are ready to place you, still they will take 30% of all in-game purchases.

By the way, Portis wants to make DopeRaider a trust application. Players will be able to give DopeRaider a permission on all operations and after they won’t need to confirm transactions in the wallet. Players will just play DopeRaider as a usual game and basically they won’t see blockchain technology usage.

It will be much more comfortable to play even on mobile phones. Maybe we will do a native application for mobile OS when the companies will ready to work with crypto in a transparent way.

That’s awesome! Did Igor Barinov help you with DopeRaider? I saw his burning eyes on the main stage when he bought a Narco for 750$.

Yes, Igor has helped us very much! I thank him for that. I can say he saved us from the slow and expensive Ethereum network. We were really afraid that DopeRaider won’t succeed on this platform.

DopeRaider Leila
During the speech Igor Barinov – the founder of – has bought a Narco for 750$. It is the most expensive purchase in DopeRaider.

And the most important thing that he has not just sell his platform to us, but he has dived deep into our development process and helped with transferring DopeRaider to POA Network.

I see. My personal opinion that Igor is a very smart man. His xDai Chain presentation is promising. Do you plan to use this new chain with a stable coin?

I am afraid that existing players won’t like it. They have already invested in the game. Those people can not be happy if new players will pay less for actions and Narcos.

POA Network on the conference has announced POA xDai Chain and partnership with MakerDao.

I don’t know, man. Maybe if we find a way to satisfy old players without scaring new people with the prices, we will port DopeRaider to POA xDai Chain. In fact, we still think about spreading DopeRaider to different blockchains. Sadly, there a lot of people that don’t want to use POA Network, mostly because they don’t want to learn it or hear about it for the first time and have no trust in POA.

Okay, thank you! I think it is time to find a new victim with full pockets. By the way, why the map in DopeRaider doesn’t show all Narcos who is in the district?

Yes, it doesn’t show all Narcos. First of all, the map doesn’t signal you about guys with no dope. What is the point? You won’t raid them anyway.

And Narcos can’t raid the one with much lower or much higher respect. So you can see all the players, that you can take down and get some stuff.

Maybe you have noticed someone interesting here?

I don’t see any strong competitors here. They do mostly the same crypto game as CryptoKitties. I don’t think it will work. Players need a gaming experience.

It was nice to talk to you! Big thanks! I appreciate what your team is doing! I wish you good luck and to have fun 🙂

Thank you! Good bye!

  • Final grade: Epic
  • Genre: RPG
  • Web-site: doperaider.com
  • Blockchain: POA
  • Currency: POA
  • Developers: Gas Masters
  • Smart-contract(s):
    • 0x11c4469d974f8af5ba9ec99f3c42c07c848c861c (Narcos ERC-721)
    • 0xd783b6d118d7831ae048e8588019c3a590f0e4bf (Districts)
    • 0xf69d56a21fc0f8670b108ad535cc96e49ba8d3d2 (Sale Auction)