While the crypto investors are buying instant noodles, to our table was served a very tasty dish – Dope Raider. The game is about the drug dealers with its unique economy and variability, in which you can earn POA tokens (costs less than 7 cents at the time of writing). We really believe that this game can soon become a HYIP, in any case, it is worth to play it (unlike Nachomen, about which the devastating article is yet to come).

Dark Empire

Play Narcos
Narcos is a game on the Oracles Network.

The essence of the game is to earn “money” (PoA tokens) on operations with the “drugs” :

  • you buy raw materials (hemp seeds or chemicals), grow weed or produce cocaine, sell them on the market;
  • you buy cannabis or coke in one area, then you go to another district and there you sell dope at a higher cost aka drug arbitration;
  • watch out for suckers who have a lot of stuff and attack them in order to steal 50% of their stocks.

That is, the game has at least 3 basic scenarios on which you can earn tokens and it’s great!

He will rule the world

At the beginning of the game, you should buy a Narco at the auction. In this aspect, the game does not much differ from the huge number of collection blockchain games.
All operations in the game are performed through a network once called Oracle Network, but it is simple as Ethereum. First, POA network is based on Ethereum and has inherited a lot (and another improved, but more on that later): private keys in both networks open the same address, there is a perfectly working analog of Metamask – Nifty Wallet and it is relatively easy to make an exchange between Ethereum and POA Network.

The latter was especially important in light of the fact that was originally created on the Ethereum network. However, already at the stage of the beta test, it was clear that the network will not cope with the load, and the game will not be very comfortable and extremely expensive. So the creators decided to move to the POA Network. I bought my first Narco on the main Ethereum network back at the open test stage in the testnet. It was impossible to play in the main network, but there was a pre-sale of the Narcos. I spent 0.069 ether (at the time of purchase it was $31.74) Here is my transaction to buy the Narco.

After moving to the POA Network, the developers made a convenient transfer through the website and by two clicks, one of which is confirmation of the transaction in the Ethereum network for the transfer of DOPE tokens (the narcos are implemented through ERC-721 tokens). I would like to note and thank the support of the game, which can be found in Discord channel of Dope Raider.

When first entering the website my narcos was not displayed. I’ve immediately reported it and got assisted by community Manager L0rdSmeti#6735 and technical specialist Radamosch#1582 for what separate thanks to them! After half an hour (including time on transfer transaction) my Narco has been moved to the POA network and was ready to fight!

The Auction

Let’s take a look at the Narcos, which is available on the market and compare him with the Narco that I have bought on presale. The cheapest bandit sells for 93 PRO ($6.33), the most expensive – 19999 POA ($1362).
The choice of hero is based on its level of respect, which gives access to the purchase of gadgets that significantly increase the characteristics, and the recruitment of flunkies, and 6 characteristics:

  • Attack and defense – increases the likelihood of a successful attack/repel an attack
  • Speed – reduces delays when moving between districts
  • Capacity – how many consumables and dope your character can carry
  • Grow skill and processing skill – production speed of the dope

Comparing the cheapest Narco on the market with my presale Narco, I came to the conclusion that their comparison is not in favor of mine: the characteristics are approximately similar, while mine is more expensive. Total ROI -80% in USD (-60% ETH). It is possible to ascertain a failure of my investment, except that the label OG (Original Gangster) can save the situation, signaling that my Narco was bought when ETH was worth $460 on the presale.

My main recommendation for selection of Narco is a specialty. Do not try to buy a universal Narco, he or she will most likely be very expensive and not optimal. A Narco should not be equally good in growing weed and in the production of coke, it is sufficient to choose one or the other. Also, the fighter sharpened to attack does not actually need high defense, his goal is to take away the dope and immediately sell it on the streets.

After buying a Narco we can go straight to the game. At the entrance you need to choose a fighter, there is a possibility to change “personality”, that is to customize your avatar and choose a name, but it costs a solid 150 POA ($10.125), which is more expensive than the Narco itself. The process is quite fascinating and strongly distinguishes Dope Raider from competitors, where such a fine-tuning of appearance is out of the question.

I did not change the identity, in the end, it is more important to sell the hero than for his pumping.

Ring of HELL

The game features 7 blocks, 6 of which are located around the Central district – VICE ISLAND. This district is a special one – where you can buy any items, regardless of the level of Narco’s respect, but it will be several times more expensive. In VICE ISLAND hanging out black fat policewoman – Officer Lardass. It is a very greasy mob, which is holding all confiscated dope – part of your dope may be seized with a certain probability when moving between districts (the higher your speed, the harder it is to catch you).

7 districts of Dope Raider
7 districts of the Dope Raider

Each character has his own “home” district, only here he can engage in the production of dope. The home region depends on the flag under which your Narco was born. All Russians fall into Novo Moskovo, where gasoline is cheap (Oh, really?) and you can buy cars. Other areas, except Central, also have their specialization and buy a car in Baltimore, for example, will not work, but you can buy weapons and ammunition there. To make it easy for players to navigate, there are corresponding labels on the map next to the areas.

In addition to the goods in the game there are consumable resources:

  1. Chemicals for the production of coke
  2. Seeds to grow the stuff
  3. Gasoline – one gallon per move between districts
  4. Bullets – one per each attack

My Narco was born with a non-empty backpack: “we had 2 chemicals, 6 seeds, 4 gallons of gasoline and one bullet…”. “Baron” by all characteristics was born for the production of weed, so I did not hesitate and began to produce marijuana. For growing 6 seeds I was asked 8 POA ($0.55) despite the fact that in the Central district I can sell them at 4.11 POA for an ounce. For the transaction, I have paid 0.0005 POA (how many dollars it is? do the math yourself). It took about three seconds and the transaction was confirmed. That’s where the real power of moving to the former Oracle Network is! Even in the Ethereum test network, it took about 20 seconds and a bunch of GWEI to do the same thing.

Рынок квартал Новая Москва - Dope Raider
The market in Novo Moskovo

Now I had to sell the weed. I’ve checked the prices of dope in different districts and found two with the highest prices. But to go to the highest price area i had to move twice, spending 2 gallons of gasoline. It is unlikely that this will be economically justified. I decided that gasoline does not happen much, it can not be stolen and it is the cheapest (as hinted by the canister icon near Nova Moskovo), and bought 6 gallons on the market, spending 12 POA ($0.83).

Then I went to VICE ISLAND. For the transfer, I have paid another 2 POA ($0.14) in addition to gasoline consumption. Profits continue to melt… By the time I’ve arrived in the area, the cost of weed had dropped to 3.68 POA per ounce. Total I got 22.08 POA.


I could not wait to check the full chain if I could actually buy the seeds in the village of Jamaica (they are sold only there and in the Central area at three times the price), get home, produce weed and sell it in another district with a profit. I’ve been stopped only by the travel cool down, and I didn’t want to pay 15 POA for his relief. After about 5 minutes of waiting it was possible to continue the research.

So, first I spent 2 POA to get to Jamaica while spending 2 POA for gasoline. Then I have decided to buy seeds until they begin to fall out of the backpack. Its capacity was enough for 22 seeds, which cost me 44 POA. And again waiting and moving to the home region, where we can finally do the production. The cultivation Fee is fixed, so growing of 22 seeds costs as much as growing of 6 seeds, namely 8 POA. But there is a limit to the maximum amount that Narcos produces at a time. My Narco with grow skill of six can produce only 15 ounces, the more growing skill, the more can be grown at a time.

This time I decided to sell the goods in Baltimore, which initially I did not go. The game showed that there is still a very high price for an ounce of weed – 4.7 POA. I risked that in the process of waiting in Central Island I can be attacked by another player and with sweaty hands was waiting for the end of the pause to move. Costs: 24 POA for the road + 20 POA for seeds + 8 for cultivation. To go to zero I have to sell 15 ounces at the rate of 3.47 POA. But by the time I have got to Baltimore the price in the area fell to 3.07 POA. Well, I decided to try my luck again and go to the nearby Cartagena famous for its chemicals where the game showed the price of 4.38 POA for ounce. The game seemed to be mocking! When I have reached the area the price fell to 3.05 POA, and in the district, from which I just left, it grew.

Ultimately, a reasonable price of 3.87 POA per ounce the game showed in my area. I was driving around like a fool! And when I was in the place I found out, that sell dope in the home district is forbidden!. That, of course, strange. Such a sacred Narco, does not poison the people of his district. Should I read the manual first, rather than crawl play and pay for every wrong action? You should definitely read the manual before play. Well, I decided to throw the whole idea of moving and have sold dope in the same place where I bought the seeds at the worst exchange rate: 2.43 POA per ounce. I suffered losses and my dreams of making a quick buck on the game crashed against an iceberg, most of which was still hidden from me.

Наркос на аукционе Doperaider
Narco which I bought on the market

Okay, game, I hear you. But I do not want to delve into the wilds of pricing and the study of transactions that preceded such a sharp drop in prices. Now I understand, the game is on a large and either someone is arbitrating the market, or the game deceives me (in reality, I was a fool).

Waiting for a response from Discord admins on the situation I’ve decided to change tactics and buy another Narco. Someone was selling quite a good Narco for just 98 POA – 5 times more expensive than the cheapest one. Narko had high processing skill and lived in the district, where chemicals are sold! I’m excited!

It would seem that things went better. I spent 48 POE and was able to obtain 54 POA, but the Officer Lardass picked me up at the border. Damn it! -12 POA.

The black economy

With a rush to take profit did not work. It’s high time to understand that there is no easy money and probably earn on the Dope Raider will be only a small percentage of players who understand how everything works here.

I like the economy of Dope Raider, it’s thoughtful. The creators take only 2% of all costs incurred by a player. Most of the game’s revenue goes to the balance of the districts. It is used to buy dope from players. The only costs that do not go to the common pot, is the purchase of Narcos. Accordingly, the money either goes to the owner of a Narco, or to the Creator of the game (if it is generation zero, which is issued every 30 minutes, there can be no more than 5000 narcos of generation zero).

Sharp price jumps were not caused by arbitrage, but by the algorithm of price calculation in the area. Here is the team’s answer to the question about pricing:

Dope raider - price calculations
Prices in the area depend on the total amount of dope, which is held by Narcos in the district

It turned out that I dropped the price when I came with dope to a district, and the more dope I brought, the more the price fell. Actually, it’s logical, the game is trying to guess the fair price as if all Narcos in the district at the same time sold all their dope.

Excellent implementation

Since Dope Reader is the first application on the POA Network that I was able to try, I want to share my opinion about this blockchain. Before that, I only knew POA as an investor: I bought tokens on Binance and they lay there untouched until the Dope Raider happened.

POA Network

Yes, of course, the POA network is not as popular as Ethereum. Its mempool is empty. No one sends transactions in FOMO3D or to vote on FCOIN. There are few nodes, but all tested. You can even see a photo of the person who validated your block. Here, for example, the founder of POA – Igor Barinov. Transactions in the POA Network are confirmed so quickly that the need to verify their actions on the blockchain does not prevent playing.

It is necessary to highlight the skills of the game developers. Dope Raider works almost perfectly. The interface is simple, fast, convenient and responds to changes in the network. Yes, sometimes there are freezes of the interface, some of the buttons responsible for creating a transaction may not work, when entering the game, the Nifty Wallet plugin does not always connect, but all these problems are solved by pressing a button again or updating the page.

Dope Raider is damn good to play! What cannot be said about other decentralized games that are now on the market. The main problem of which, of course, is the choice of platform (although there are many cases and just lazy developers, Hello Phantasma team). The Ethereum network is too expensive, too slow. Stay Dope Raider in it and talk seriously about some profits in this game would be funny, all the margin would be eaten by the commission.

Who knows, maybe the new games that were intended for the Ethereum network will also decide to launch the project on the POA network. In any case, I would advise them to do so, because so far the only advantage of Ethereum is a much wider audience, but what’s the use if the game is still almost impossible to play…


Dope Raider is the best blockchain game I’ve ever played! Seriously, everything from the convenience and comfort of the game to the self-sufficient economy and variable gameplay is good here. Yes, all this is funny compared to conventional games, who in the 21st century can be surprised by turn-based browser game with 2D graphics? But as a blockchain game Dope Raider attracts and sets the bar for all other projects.

Even now, in a sluggish market, with very little marketing, Dope Raider is played. As in the game channel about 100 people. If you think this is not enough, then, for example, in Nachomen channel there are no even 20 people, despite the fact that Phantasm had a mad HYIP and IAN Balina in addition. This is how Nachomen boils me, I hope, soon you will understand why.

There is a fly in the ointment: earning on Dope Raider seriously unlikely to succeed. Even if you immediately know what to do, still to reach the payback you will have to pump the character and spend money to buy items that will allow you to spend a little less on the production of one ounce, a little less likely to be busted by officer Larnas, reflect more attacks from other players. The situation will change dramatically if Dope Raider suddenly sharply gain popularity, which has all the prerequisites, but who knows…

Gameplay: 5
Usability: 5
ROI: 3

  • Final grade: Epic
  • Genre: RPG
  • Web-site: doperaider.com
  • Blockchain: POA
  • Currency: POA
  • Developers: Gas Masters
  • Smart-contract(s):
    • 0x11c4469d974f8af5ba9ec99f3c42c07c848c861c (Narcos ERC-721)
    • 0xd783b6d118d7831ae048e8588019c3a590f0e4bf (Districts)
    • 0xf69d56a21fc0f8670b108ad535cc96e49ba8d3d2 (Sale Auction)