Hello and welcome to the Gaming Chain a community project about best crypto games! Today we gonna review a unique crypto game, which is a mix of battle-royal and MOBA games.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, CryptoSoul! A crypto game where you can earn points in rank mode and exchange them for the cryptocurrency SOUL. Which can then be sold to third-parties on an exchange for Bitcoin.

Battle royal

Besides rank mode, CryptoSoul has the classic game, where players should earn credits. Credits are spent to enter the rank mode. One ticket costs 20 credits. It means you should be the last survived hero in a classic match. If you take 2nd place you will receive 10 credits.

A match starts with four players in the middle of an arena. While gates around the downtown are closed players are not able to fight. When gates are opened, heroes will get invisibility for a short time and the battle starts.

In the beginning, heroes have only one skill – primal attack (melee or range one) which has infinite charges. You should find other skills which randomly appear around the map. These skills have a maximum of three charges. So after almost every battle, you should move around the space to find new skill stones.

Additionally, you can one-time power-up skills by eating the purple balls. Power-up increases a skill range, damage, and duration.

cryptosoul heal and bust

The goal of the match is to survive. Actually, it is not so easy to defeat someone on the first stage of the game. Because an almost defeated opponent can run away from you and find heals.

But the game will not allow the players to fight forever. There is an allowed area where heroes should stay. Otherwise, they will take significant damage until they die. When it is time the allowed area starts to move, covering different parts of the map. Then it narrows down to a small circle in the middle of the arena. At this point a few seconds decide who will be the last survivor.


There are 3 heroes in CryptoSoul for now: one for each class. Classes are quite standard: intelligence (hero called Skyshaker), Agility (represented by Venom Huntress), Strength and its champion – Steelhammer.

Each hero has six abilities and a player can choose between two of them when he finds a skill stone. Because a hero in a match can have only 3 abilities, players should choose skills wisely.

More than that, the players can choose different skills for different opponents and game stages. Firstly, a skill has only three charges and when you spend them the hero loses it. Secondly, you can drop down a skill if you want to change it to another one.

This makes CryptoSoul very dynamic. For example, if you are playing the mage, at the early stage one of the best skill is a teleport. Due to this you can move fast across the arena and find the necessary skills first. But when the allowed area narrows down, it is better to change the teleport for damage heavy skills.


Let us provide some guidelines to excel with existing heroes.

The first hero is Skyshaker. He is a mage. One strategy for this hero is to take the stun skill and burst skills.

Your goal is to hit an opponent with the stun, then spam burst skills and repeat the stun skill. Cooldown is a bit lower than the duration of the stun.

If you do it right, you will be left with no skills charges and the opponent will die at the end of the sequence.


Agility hero – Venom Huntress is the best hero to find, chase and kill squishy heroes. First of all, consider to pick up sprint skill. Then find and power-up two main skills which are the trap and the poison fog.

We don’t recommend you to wait until the final stage of the match. You should kill the opponents before it. The main trick is to hit a target with your trap. Then it will be easy to take it down with your fog. If you take one of the burst skills it will be even easier.


And the last hero – Steelhammer shines in the final stage of the game. He has a lot of health points and the opponents can’t escape from his probably best skill – twisting damage – when the allowed area is too small. 

We also recommend you to take the rocket, which has stun and helps to realize skills and melee attack.

If you fight against Venom Huntress or another Steelhammer, the armor can be very helpful. 

Of course, you have to experiment and find your way to defeat the opponents, which is the most suitable for you and the conditions of a battle.

Earning money

The rank mode does not differ much from the classic game, besides, you can earn points and it is much harder to play. All players are doing their best to win.

Top 3 players of the match will receive Points, that can easily be converted to real money. This makes a dream about gaming as your lovely job real!

Who will pay for that? Well, SOUL token, which is basically a cryptocurrency, is used for in-game buys. Moreover, developers promise to burn SOUL tokens to decrease its supply, which, with a growing interest in the game, is obviously will lead to a rise in the price of the coin.

And the main thing is that CryptoSoul is really free-to-play. While most crypto games are paid one, you can play CryptoSoul not putting a cent in it!

Not perfect

For now, CryptoSoul has only the beta client. You can’t exchange Points to CryptoSoul token. But you can participate in airdrop campaigns, which gives you an opportunity to earn SOUL tokens by playing the game in the specific time.

Unfortunately, there are some issues with the game for now. They can be annoying.

First of all, the cheaters! They are not everywhere, but you will probably meet them in the game. There was a cheat, which gives a high movement speed. When you meet a guy with this hack you won’t have a chance to escape from him.

We should say that this cheat has been fixed a week ago, but still, cheaters try to find new exploits. Ultimately, CryptoSoul allows gamers to earn money, so cheaters will do their best.

Secondly, the battle engine is not perfect, some bugs can be found, but the team fixes them quite quick. We wanted to list a few of them in this video but the team has published an update and, to the date, this information is not relevant. 

And the last, someone told me that there is a chance to stuck in the textures, but I have never been in this situation.

It is only the start

Anyway, it is too early and some bugs are excusable. Thanks to the efficiency of the team and an excellent community, the project is developing rapidly.

For sure, CryptoSoul is the game, that deserves your attention, it is fun, competitive and hard to play perfectly.

If the game is so good right now, we can imagine how awesome it will be when new heroes and skins will be added! To the date, this game is my favorite crypto game for a stream. Subscribe to Gaming Chain twitch to catch some.

Thanks for watching, we hope you enjoy the video and CryptoSoul. Let us know what you think about this game in the comments. If you are still not in the game, download it now and challenge us. Link to CryptoSoul is in the description to this video.

Good luck and have fun!

  • Final grade: Epic
  • Genre: Battle-royale
  • Web-site: cryptosoul.io
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Currency: CSOUL
  • Developers:
  • Smart-contract(s): unknown