Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, CryptoSoul! A crypto game where you can earn points in rank mode and exchange them for the cryptocurrency SOUL. Which can then be sold to third-parties on an exchange for Bitcoin.

One of the main tasks of the Gaming Chain media project is the Analytics of technologies used to create cryptocurrency games. Naturally, the most important component in the technical aspect of such games is a blockchain in which they are created and function.

Nachomen - SOUL game

You don’t know what to do with SOUL? Your tokens are worthless and it’s too late to fix the loss? Perhaps we have found a better way out of this situation: spend SOUL in a decentralized game Nachomen from the Phantasma team.

Play Narcos

While the crypto investors are buying instant noodles, to our table was served a very tasty dish – Dope Raider. The game is about the drug dealers with its unique economy and variability, in which you can earn POA tokens!