Gaming Chain is the portal about crypto games. But not about Gambling!

Don’t know what crypto games are? Please first read the article for beginners.

Gaming Chain mission

  • to follow the best crypto games
  • to do reviews and analysis on the individual games and the industry as a whole.
  • to attract new players from the world of classic video games
  • to provide tools and tactics for greater enjoyment of the game and increased economic efficiency.

Reasons for creation

We strongly believe that the next wave of mass adoption of the blockchain technology will form in a sea of decentralized games. Ultimately, as avid players we know that the main dream of any gamer is to earn on what he likes to do most — playing games. Until today, the opportunity to earn money remains limited. All the possibilities of earning is reduced either to the salary/prize of a eSports player, or to the sale/pumping of an account on the black market.

At the same time, there is no classic video game where the game pays you (almost) real money. It is much more pleasant to receive a monetary reward for successful actions than just to observe the final table of results with statistical data. Although this is a fairly obvious advantage, the real money reward model has not been applied for a variety of reasons, from cheating to the risk of being equated with gambling.

Why ONLY crypto games?

If we should split the usual games and games that use the blockchain technology?

We’re sure. Blockchain is a fundamentally new environment for the functioning of games, in which a developer and a player are essentially equal in rights. Yes, the rules are still set by a developer, but they are absolutely transparent and can be fully verified by a player. There are no hidden mechanics, developers can not tweak something so that no one noticed, for example, the chance of getting an item. And the items themselves and the characters in a game belong to a player. They cannot be taken away, sanctioned or banned from playing. Once a game has hit a blockchain, it will exist until the last node supporting the network dies.

Of course, right now the crypto games cannot compete with
classic video  games by fun and visual effects. In most cases, the crypto games are like browser games of the early 2000s. Nevertheless, a number of interesting samples have already appeared and we believe that this is only the beginning.

That’s why we are here. Gaming Chain strives to become a center, a laboratory for studying the crypto games. And we hope that this project will open this still small but promising world for new players both from people who are already actively using cryptocurrency and ordinary gamers who have never used Meta Mask in their life.

What can be found here?

We still have a lot of work ahead of us before Gaming Chain embodies all the conceived functionality. However, already now we can offer players:

  • Reviews of crypto games. Where we will share our impression of a game and make our verdict. The Gaming Chain uses a simple rating system (common, rare, epic, legendary), familiar to many players.
  • Analytical articles about existing and future platforms and technologies for creating games on a blockchain.
  • Information about the most interesting and promising rounds of investment (pre-sales) for future games.


We are glad that you came to us, we hope that Gaming Chain will become your reliable companion in the wonderful world of crypto games. We ask you not to stand aside! Please, comment, share, join us on social networks.

Good luck and huge profits!