Sergey Kopov
Sergey Kopov – founder and producer of 0xGames

0xUniverse – a new blockchain game about space exploration from the company 0xGames, in which players buy planets, build spaceships and search for new planets. We decided to interview the founder of the game Studio – Sergey Kopov.

Hello, Sergey!

Hello, Denis!

Sergey, please tell us about your personal experience in the gaming industry and the experience of the team.

I’ve been developing apps and games for over 10 years. Headed publisher Zillon Whales and Herocraft, i created games within my studio Sunday Games. Other team members also have rich game development experience, for example, Jura ( Yuri Saveliev, frontend leader – editor’s note) and Denis ( Denis Trufanov, art leader) have developed the Road Smash, which was played by 10M+ people.

Road Smash
0xGames  team members  developed mobile game Road Smash

The publisher Zillion Whales has produced more than  5 mobile  games, the publisher Herocraft – more than 30.

Sergey founded Sunday Games in 2014. The team includes developers from Cyprus, St. Petersburg and Moscow. The Studio has already released 5 games.

When did your team start working on 0xUniverse?

We started working on the concept and assembling the team in November 2017.

This is your first game game on a blockchain?


Why was the theme of space exploration chosen?

We analyzed the target audience, they are mostly men 25 years old and above, and in our opinion sci-fi theme is what they want.

Why the Ethereum was chosen?

There were no other alternatives in November 2017.

What blockchains does your team consider for expansion/transfer of the universe?

Most likely we won’t port the 0xUniverse, though thinking about it. But for new games, we are considering different alternatives. In particular, we looking at EOS, NEO, QTUM, CARDANO, TRON, LINE.

The rules of the game say that the history of the planet can be seen only by its owner. How is this implemented? The Ethereum blockchain is an open network and everyone can see all the information in it.

That’s right, this is why we store the history of the planets on our server. 

How is the history of planets formed? I can’t believe a million planets have a unique history.

No, of course, it’s not. Only have legendary rarity planets have the history. Professional author writes them and if you collect all the stories together, you get quite a fascinating book! Not only that, the one who will make it, will open a way to a secret planet and even to other galaxies.

Sounds interesting! In the rules of the game says that 10,000 planets belongs to the creators of the game and they will be used to reward players. How do you determine who to give a planet?

0xUniverse legendary planet
Legendary planet that can be obtained as a reward for referrals

Not belongs, but rather we have the opportunity to create up to 10 thousand planets. We call them promo planets and give them to those who help us develop the game. If someone made a video review, helped to localize into his language, wrote an article – we are happy to reward players for help. In addition, we often organize competitions, prizes which are legendary planet!

You can follow the contests on the game official twitter.

On the website it is mentioned that in addition to earnings on the sale of the planets, will eventually be available other ways of earning. How do you plan to make changes to the game? The code of a smart contract in the Ethereum network is not subject to change.

Yes, we are preparing a lot of new game mechanics that will not only make the game more interesting, but also open up new earning opportunities. We originally designed the architecture of the game to be able to add new features without having to change the existing smart contracts code.

In your estimation, how high is the risk that blockchain games, implying that players can win or lose “money”, will be equated to gambling?

There is such a risk and it is difficult to predict it. Let’s hope that legislators are smart enough to “separate of church and state”.

What is your team preparing for 0xUniverse players?

We are preparing new interesting features. Soon it will be possible to name your planet and rent it out. We are preparing a mobile version. A little later, players will be able to create corporations and unite for combat operations and space exploration outside the known galaxy.

Do you have plans for the next game?

We’ve already announced a new game in the 0xUniverse universe. And we are working on two unannounced games.

0xUniverse addon - Battleships
0xUniverse addon – Battleships
Two weeks ago, 0xGames announced a new game in the universe of 0xUniverse (excuse my tautology), dedicated to the battles on spaceships. The player himself designs the ship and spends resources on its creation that can be purchased from the owners of the planets.

In conclusion, what do you want to say to those who already play 0xUniverse and those who first hear about it?

Blockchain games are a new direction in games development so if you have not played yet – be sure to try!

Sergey, thank you for the interview! I wish success to the game 0xUniverse and to 0xGames Studio! We will look forward to new projects, as well as new reasons to talk about blockchain games.

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